The Company

aderow GmbH is an innovative anti-piracy and security startup, founded in Austria by industry experts. We aim to equip game developers with quality protection defending their hard work against piracy. We value an open and trusting relationship with our customers as well as our employees.

Our History


First stable release of our cloud-based anti-piracy product.


Founding of aderow GmbH headquartered in Vienna, Austria.


Conception and start of initial prototype development.

The Team

  • Highly skilled team of security analysists with more than 25 years of experience in the security environment
  • Team has long-term experience with PC games copy protection
  • We are a team of creative individuals with a range of patents in the security field


Our vision is to be one of the global leading providers of software protection solutions. Our high-end technology protects property rights, contributes to the integrity of the market and the deserved success of our customers.


aderow provides an environment in which professionals collaborate and trust each other to deliver leading edge software security products. With continuous development of our technology we provide complete and passionate service to our customers. 

Corporate Core Values

Customer first

We put our customers first and help them to create value by providing innovative software solutions and high quality services. We have a strong expertise within the industries we serve and ensure our products and services meet customer needs.


We innovate to drive our growth and seek opportunities to create advancements for our customers. 


The key of our success lies in our team. That is why we build, empower and develop a talented, creative and highly performing team. 

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